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We’ll help you outsource development without the usual pitfalls.

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what we do

  • We give your developers some slack.
    You need more developers now, but you won’t in 6 months. We’ll provide experienced Java consultants who you won’t have to fire when the work is done.

  • We help you get what you want.
    Get what you want first time round by using our unique testing framework. You get this even if you don’t hire us. It’s on us.

why use B13 Technology?

  • Get your project done on time with no HR hassles.
    Our experienced team of Java consultants will give you a helping hand when things get busy, so you won’t have to hire developers you’ll no longer need 6 months from now.

  • Get an expert consultant at a reduced rate.
    You’ll work with an expert consultant for a lot less than you’d pay for a similarly experienced contractor. You don’t pay so much because we outsource the low-level stuff to an offshore development team, passing the savings on to you.

  • You only pay when you’re happy.
    We’ll sit down and list your exact requirements before starting the project. You only pay for the requirements that are met, which lets us both stay flexible as your project changes over time.

  • Long-term partnership makes scaling a doddle.
    Don’t worry about hiring for those “one off” projects – we’ll provide the extra manpower, so you don’t have to shell out on office space and recruitment fees every time you need that “little extra”.

80/20 chart
80/20 chart
80/20 chart

our approach

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We give your project some slack.

We’ll add 1-4 highly-experienced Java consultants to your project at the drop of a hat.

If you’re development team is busy and there’s still more work to be done – i.e. fixing bugs or developing a new feature – we’ll take on some of the work.

This means you won’t have to hire a developer who you won’t need 6 months from now.

You’ll never be kept in the dark.

Ever felt like you’re being out of the loop with a project? You won’t when you work with us. We run constant feedback cycles to keep you up to speed.

You don’t have to spend your time keeping everyone on task, either – we handle the day-to-day project management for the outsourced project, freeing up your time to grow your business.

Get exactly what you asked for.

Don’t worry if your vision changes halfway through the project. We follow rapid cycles of development, testing and feedback – so we can quickly change direction without it affecting cost or quality.

From start to finish you’ll be kept up to date on how the software is performing. You’ll get a living document – a list of your requirements that are tested against the software. If a requirement isn’t met, it turns red. If it is, it turns green.

By the end of the project you’ll have a full list of green requirements.

Only pay for what you get.

You’ll be charged using a ‘story-point billing model’:

  • Your project will be broken into several logical pieces

  • You’ll only pay for each piece that’s completed

  • Only pay if you’re 100% happy with the quality

This means we can stay flexible with pricing as your project evolves.

Why pay an expert to do the easy stuff?

Costs are kept down by offshoring the “low-level” development tasks to our offshore partners, so our UK-based developers only work on the more complicated stuff.

Quality and communication will never be an issue – we carefully select all of our offshore partners, and your only point of contact will be one of our UK-based consultants.

Data protection will never be a concern.

You don’t have to worry about us seeing your customers’ data. We’ll generate random data for testing purposes, so we don’t need access to your customers’ data.

We can also make your code base unreadable using code obfuscation techniques, so we can only see the parts of your code base you want us to see.

doing one thing well

Need Java developers? We’re your only option.

We’re out and out Java geeks at B13 Technology. It’s our bread and butter. You’ll be working with people who do one thing really well.


Our tech stack

our story

We’re just 4 guys trying to simplify things for you.

Our team is made up of Tom, James, Jake, and Joe.

Tom, our Managing Director, comes from a software development background at TUI Travel Plc, where he managed a team of offshore developers.

He’s also worked at small businesses just like yours.

He knows how difficult it is to make an outsourced project work, but also how much it can help your business.

That’s why he started B13 Technology. Our mission is simple: use big business know-how to make outsourcing development a simple, accessible process for SMEs to save time and money.

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