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why use B13 Technology?

  • Get your project done on time with no HR hassles.
    Our experienced team of Java consultants will give you a helping hand when things get busy, so you won’t have to hire developers you’ll no longer need 6 months from now.

  • Get an expert consultant at a reduced rate.
    You’ll work with an expert consultant for a lot less than you’d pay for a similarly experienced contractor. You don’t pay so much because we outsource the low-level stuff to an offshore development team, passing the savings on to you.

  • You only pay when you’re happy.
    We’ll sit down and list your exact requirements before starting the project. You only pay for the requirements that are met, which lets us both stay flexible as your project changes over time.

  • Long-term partnership makes scaling a doddle.
    Don’t worry about hiring for those “one off” projects – we’ll provide the extra manpower, so you don’t have to shell out on office space and recruitment fees every time you need that “little extra”.

80/20 chart
80/20 chart
80/20 chart

our approach

Scratch your biggest itch Get your most important feature in 2 weeks

One of our consultants will help you figure out what's most important.

They'll sit down with you to discuss your single most urgent requirement. That could be a feature, an upgrade to a current product, or an MVP.

Then, we'll help you meet that need in 2 weeks or less. Going forward, new features will be based on how you really use your product.

Not how you imagine yourself using it. You'll be shocked at how much progress we'll make in the first 2 week sprint (we're an agile shop). Our experience means we can get up to speed in record time, and can commission a large team in days if that's what you need to get the job done.


Set the scope Keep an eye on where your project's headed

We'll work together to lay out your project's scope..

We'll get this down on paper in the form of a living document. It's a list of things your product should do...

...When a feature gets implemented, one of the things on the list will turn from red to green. You'll know your product does that 'thing' now.

This lets you take a quick pulse of how your product's coming along.


Staying nimble It's okay if you change your mind

Our development set-up puts you first.

You'll be working with a team that's agile, efficient, and nimble.

We don't have the overheads of M&Ms (Meetings and Managers) like most companies do. We can change direction at a moment's notice.

Your requirements change as the project evolves. We stay light on our feet for that exact reason.


Easy to read, maintainable code Code your developers will love

Our developers write clear, concise code that's bug-free and a breeze to maintain.

On top of that, we hire top-of-industry developers (with clients like The Gates Foundation to their name) to review your code. It's their sole purpose to make sure it's easy to read, bug-free and maintainable.

Once your project's finished, your developers will have no trouble taking it under their wing.


Save money where it matters Pricing with you in mind

Our pricing is set-up to give you peace of mind.

You pay for each part of the project that gets completed. So you pay for what you get – nothing else. This helps us stay flexible as the project evolves.

You'll save money, too...

...Our in-house developers only handle the tricky parts of your project. The everyday stuff is done by our offshore partners. We pass the savings from this on to you.


Continuous Delivery No waiting around

We move fast, so your product will be updated 2+ times per day.

Unlike stodgier, bigger companies, we move quickly. In fact, your product will be updated several times per day.

This means you'll be able to play with new features – and see if they need tweaking – as soon as possible, giving you a head start for planning the next Sprint. (We're an Agile shop.)


doing one thing well

Need Java developers? We’re your only option.

We’re out and out Java geeks at B13 Technology. It’s our bread and butter. You’ll be working with people who do one thing really well.


Our tech stack

Meet the team

Tom Haworth

Tom Haworth - Managing Director

Tom's a hands-on leader, so you'll find him taking a hands-on approach to your project.

He's got more than 10 years' experience working as a lead developer and managing offshore teams for some of the world's biggest companies.

One of his main roles is assigning tasks to our offshore developers. It's his job to make sure you get the benefits of offshoring without any of the drawbacks.

View Tom's CV

James Ivings

James Ivings - Front-end Developer

James handles all things front-end for our clients.

He's a bit of a JavaScript whiz-kid. One of his most notable projects was leading the front-end team that built one the UK Government's most popular web apps.

Great developers always take the time to teach others, and James is no different. He spends his free time solving the issues of other developers on StackOverflow.

View James' CV

Andy Gallacher

Andy Gallacher - Senior Java Developer

Andy is the most experienced Java developer at B13 Technology.

If you're looking for someone who's seen, and solved, every problem a million times before, you'll love working with Andy.

He's been working as a software developer for over 15 years, and comes highly recommended by senior managers at some of the UK's most prestigious companies.

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