£28k of Free Software Development in Birmingham

£28k of Free Software Development in Birmingham

October 08, 2020

There is a huge amount of funding available for anybody looking to automate, innovate and develop. New ideas and products are key to continuing economic growth and further employment. 

At B13 Technology we have helped many an entrepreneur or SME advance their businesses using these grants. We have over 10 years experience of supporting businesses to find the best ways to spend on that initial product


Brainstorm session with a highly experienced Business Consultant and Business Analyst who will turn your ideas into tech

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

A “shopping list” of costs, we will support you to choose features that will be most beneficial to get your concept off the ground whilst understanding the roadmap of development and investment for future iterations



Over 60% of the Minimum Viable Products we have worked on cost less than £25,000 and Go LIve within 3 months of that first meeting.

The funding available for these types of initiatives can really launch your business to the next level. As an example of what’s available, a combination of these three plus R&D tax credits would mean that a business in Birmingham could have £28k of free money to spend on software as long as they employ 1 additional FTE within 7 months*.




Our ethos is to get you up and running as quickly as possible…

Prove the concept
Achieve growth in your business
Reap the rewards....And repeat

Book in a call here to find out more 

*Please do search for other innovation funding and support available as this is just one regional example

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