Delighted to be joining a new breed of software development outsourcing consultancy

Delighted to be joining a new breed of software development outsourcing consultancy

May 12, 2020

 Mark Doorbar, Executive Chairman

It is tremendously exciting to be invited to join B13 Technology as their Executive Chairman. Having built and run digital healthcare businesses and appreciated the challenge and cost in creating an in-house software development team, I have been incredibly impressed with the software consulting and development capability B13 Technology offers.
They have created a unique approach using UK based software consultancy, QA and delivery capability, combined with a fully owned offshore software development capability, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They use a partnership approach to identify the most appropriate way to support Clients based on their needs, from providing direct bespoke engineering resource through to full-service digital solution specification and product delivery, across a wide range of sectors from
transport to healthcare.
This new model to outsourced software development combines brilliantly the benefits of UK led expertise combined with fully owned, incredibly talented and flexible offshore software engineering resource that delivers an incredible ‘bang for your buck’.
If you would like to learn more, please contact me on

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