How On-Demand, Remote Developers Can Boost Your Development team

How On-Demand, Remote Developers Can Boost Your Development team

July 24, 2019

Opening your firm up to new minds and ideas.

Distributed teams can quite literally unlock a new world for your company when you begin to tap into the range of talent available from around the globe. Half of the UK workforce is expected to work remotely by 2020, yet this is only scratching the surface.
These are exciting new trends that don’t just bring a revolutionary, agile workforce. Working across cultures also means more ideas, different perspectives and deeper connections.
All the while providing a business with the tools to navigate any challenging environment as it arises.

Here’s why:

No need to choose between hiring full-time or overloading current devs 
Perhaps you’ve been courting a few new clients who have gone away to consult star charts or whatever else they need to finalize a decision on whether to work with you. Then all of a sudden, they make you feel like the most popular girl at the dance by all popping up at once and asking: 
‘How soon can you get started?’
Now, in the past you had two main options here. One is to crack your knuckles and tell the team that there is going to be a lot of work on soon. Provide as many incentives as you want. People usually don’t like being told explicitly what to do, less so to be ordered to work more. Those who take the opportunity to earn extra on overtime hours are more likely to burn out.
PHP developers
If you can avoid it, don’t encourage your employees to work day and night.
Or you can take on additional full-time workers. Yikes. Do I hear a chorus of hushed screams from a thousand SME directors? That is a heck of an investment. 
Stay nimble, remain agile. Tap into a pool of developers from somewhere else: an on-demand remote workforce can jump in for a single project and fly away into the night after it’s delivered.
That’s right, remote devs reduce your operating risk
Unexpectedly losing a client does not have to mean making difficult decisions over which employees you keep. Efficient use of a remote team reduces your liability: you may even find that talent from less competitive markets abroad are more easily retained because they don’t need to relocate.
Comfy. Your remote workers can live almost anywhere.
Worry less about juggling tasks between teams
You want each team to remain at a nice level of busy almost all of the time otherwise productivity can start to slip as people get bored or switch off. Worry no more! Keep your core teams focused on key tasks by using remote workers to pick up the slack. 
What this really helps with is staying results-driven and goal-oriented because your full-time employees are given the space to nail their projects without ever being switched out for management reasons. 
Remote teams can also work around the clock, often being in different timezones, so flexibility at short notice can provide much-needed relief to full-time employees should they miss any targets.
Your internal management retain a broad and clear oversight on tasks
Don’t be this guy. Keep it organised, make things simple.
Correctly done, a remote working relationship can be just as clear as if it were in-house. So this means staying connected: managers should regularly touch base while taking care to communicate clearly. 
Time tracking is crucial and project management should be kept well in hand. Software solutions for these will make this job much, much easier.
Gauging satisfaction among distributed teams may prove a tad more difficult. Some managers encourage employees to answer a few questions at the end of each working week, to get a sense of how their goals and productivity are going while gauging how engaged and satisfied they feel. 
This is a great way to nip potential issues in the bud before they come up. Build the foundations for managing new remote hires correctly and you will find yourself in a fantastic position to embrace the sweeping changes to our workforce happening worldwide, right now. 

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