Time To Change Pledge

Time To Change Pledge

November 26, 2018

My anxiety levels rise when my work/life balance is compromised. If I feel torn between work and family I find it very difficult to perform well in either of my roles - “Mum” or “Employee”.

When I first interviewed with B13 Technology what was striking was that I was encouraged to bring my Authentic Self to the table. They wanted to know who “Clare” is? What were my personal and family commitments? What were my career motives and goals? How did I envision the two working together?

As far as interviews go it was amazing. I got to speak freely about my strengths and weaknesses and really show them the areas that I felt I could best benefit the company. No nerves and worrying about saying the wrong thing, no “performing” with buzzwords and statistics, just a really honest version of myself. My role was created around this conversation - I am Associate Director at B13 Technology, I work between school runs, have all the tools, technology and processes to work from any location and manage my own workload to accommodate the occasional assembly, sports day, kids off school sick day or doctors appointment. And in return, B13 Technology have a highly motivated and engaged employee who performs to the best of her abilities.

This ethos runs through the whole of B13 Technology meaning that each employee scopes out their work/life balance and brings their very best to the company. It’s not all rosy and can be tricky to manage at times but isn’t everything? The results are what really count; B13 have a high performing and valuable team that work to the best of their abilities - reflected by our recent award for Birmingham Post SME Business of the Year Award.

As we grow we are passionate about protecting and nurturing these values which is why we are taking the “Time To Change” Pledge. We want to ensure that our employees are always able to be their best and feel able to look for support when they’re not.

Protecting our employees' wellbeing and mental health by offering this flexibility and support has also helped us to improve our commitment to improving our diversity which we support through the Tech Talent Charter. In adopting this approach we have attracted and retain a much more diverse workforce. For example, we are proud to be represented by 40% women at B13 Technology compared to the UK tech industry average of 17%. 

The BBC estimate that there is £1.3 trillion lost to the economy though workers taking lower skilled jobs or falling out of the workplace altogether in order to accommodate their personal needs. When I did compromise between my “mum role” and my “work role” due to perceived lack of flexible positions, my “mum role” won and I set about doing odd jobs between the school run - cleaning, online admin and hotel shifts. I was neither satisfied nor challenged nor working to the best of my capabilities and I was part of that BBC statistic. B13 Technology have given me the opportunity to fulfil my work/life balance needs and have improved the diversity of their workforce in doing so. 

The diversity of our company brings a much better quality to our products and we feel it greatly enhances anything that we provide. Those who choose not to find ways of diversifying risk falling behind in the marketplace

“Increasingly, progressive businesses are embracing diversity and inclusion as a means of forging a sustainable future. Tech giant Cisco attributes its ongoing technological innovation to its diverse leadership team, while diversifying client teams has helped management consultancy, EY, to strengthen the quality of its client services and retain senior team members.” 


The technology already exists to support more flexible approaches and as everyone’s lives continue to be subjected to more and more pressures something has to give, don’t let it be your employees and their ability to perform for your business. Use this as an opportunity to enhance your business:

“Increasing flexibility can decrease your startup’s cash output. By making flexibility part of the compensation package, you’re paying less than a full-time salary and getting talent that’s higher level for your team. Flexibility opens you up to a world of higher talent because you’re letting people work how they want. Giving your employees the reins to do their work when (and often where) they like means spending less cash. It’s good for you, good for your employees and good for your investors.”


Want to attract and retain a more diverse workforce? BE more attractive.

  • Almost one in three people have experienced mental health problems while in employment 
  • Mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year
  • 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason
  • FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by an average of 10%
  • 48% said they would not talk to their employer about their mental health

We encourage readers to look into the following fabulous organisations for support in any of the areas mentioned in this article




If you as a company would like support with enhancing technologies or efficiencies in the workplace to adopt any of these processes please feel free to contact us for a consultation contact@b13technology.com or www.b13technology.com/services

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