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DRP Group and MS Amlin's Intranet

MS Amlin's new intranet site for their global workforce

icon-client-detail-1 The brief

With the growth and popularity of remote working practices, businesses are seeking new ways to engage with their employees online to maintain and develop company culture.

The DRP Group required an additional software development skill set that was not available in-house to help develop an intranet site for their client, a world-leading insurance brand, MS Amlin.

The client wanted to update their existing intranet with a new modern look and enhanced capability which needed to include: content in multiple languages for their global workforce, be accessible on a wide range of devices, maintain adherence to strict regulatory requirements and internal security protocols.

icon-client-detail-2 B13 Technology’s solution

With this brief in mind, we delivered a bespoke and fully branded intranet solution using Microsoft’s SharePoint framework. Having partially integrated their on-premise Active Directory with Azure AD and Office 365, the logical fit was to implement a new Sharepoint Online solution that would fit into the existing security infrastructure, whilst keeping future user and security administration to a minimum.

To update the frontend, we worked with DRP Group to develop engaging, customised designs to create a bespoke look and feel that reinforces the company’s essence and values to remote workers. This involved customising the standard Sharepoint themes and developing new web-parts with administrator interfaces to provide a highly customised Sharepoint environment. Some of the features of the solution are listed below.


Customised business, identity and values delivered though:

  • Online site customisation of Sharepoint, including theme branding i.e. colour, font and logos
  • Tailored page element alteration and layouts
  • Custom UI components


Interactive company communication features:

  • Localised, location-based office news and articles within a multi-office organisation
  • Support user comments and feedback on articles and news
  • Integration with company social media accounts


Aided ease of use with appropriate control through:

  • Single sign-on and integration with the company’s user management database
  • Moderator controls on chat and comments
  • Easy to use back-office admin interfaces
  • Multi-language options

icon-client-detail-3 Testimonial

“B13 Technology provided expert technical support and guidance, ensuring the project was successfully delivered and met the key requirements that we needed to deliver for our client. The project was a real success story and kicked off an exciting and successful partnership between the DRP Group and B13 Technology.”

Adam Cox, Head of Software Engineering • DRP Group

icon-client-detail-4 Business Impact

The new intranet site has provided the client with an interface that supports the multilingual requirements for their global business.  In addition it has enabled their communications team to evolve the site content and structure over time to enable the platform to expand and adapt to their changing business needs in an easier and more flexible way.

For the clients employees, the new platform provides multi-device support in a clean environment with the ability for them to interact with the content in methods similar to the functionality made popular with social media applications, whilst providing the company with moderation tools to ensure compliance with strict regulatory and company codes of practice.


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