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Substrakt Health: GP Video Conferencing and Flu Vaccination App


icon-client-detail-1 The brief

Substrakt Health create configurable and easy to use websites and applications to the NHS that drive efficiencies, reduce workload, and enables easy access to health services.

To build a video conferencing tool for GPs to deliver online appointments for their patients and create an app to support efficient flu vaccinations programs in remote locations NHS organisations.

icon-client-detail-2  GP Video Conferencing - B13 Technology's solution

We used the desktop framework, Electron along with NestJs, Flutter and MongoDB to create an effective video conferencing capability. In addition, we integrated Fire Text to deliver text message communications and Twilio architecture to facilitate video conferencing.

icon-client-detail-4  GP Video Conferencing - Business Impact

This platform allowed General Practitioners to schedule and conduct conference calls with their patients at the click of a button.  Patients were sent a text message which included a link that would allow them to attend the appointment using their mobile phone’s browser. This made it quick and easy for a patient to access their video appointment with the GP and enabled GPs to invite the relevant consultants to attend the call too, if required.

icon-client-detail-3  Testimonial

“B13 Technology responded swiftly and effectively to our time sensitive brief. The team are smart and a pleasure to work with.”

Andy Hartwell • Substrakt Health

icon-client-detail-2  Flu Vaccination App - B13 Technology's solution

We were asked to help Substrakt Health create an app that would allow patients to schedule flu vaccinations in remote places. 

Technologies used to deliver this app included Flutter, NestJS, MongoDB with integrations to Fire Text to deliver text messages and QR Flutter that enabled QR codes to be used too.

icon-client-detail-4  Flu Vaccination App - Business Impact

The app allowed an NHS Trust in Yorkshire to administer flu vaccinations to patients in alternative and remote locations such as car parks which freed up GP resources. To find out more about the impact of this app, please take a look at this short video


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