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Box Clever Digital's Thrive Project


icon-client-detail-1 The brief

Agency, Box Clever Digital aimed to help the wellbeing of isolated people in Monmouthshire, Wales by matching individual interests with local clubs and arranging the relevant transportation. 

Box Clever Digital employed the services of local volunteers to conduct phone interviews with the target audience to find out what their interests were.  The quality of the information received after the initial local experiment was inconsistent due to the varying experience and skills of the volunteers.  

The agency approached B13 Technology to find an innovative solution that would deliver consistent records about the target audience’s interests at scale without volunteers having to complete any paperwork.  

icon-client-detail-2 B13 Technology’s solution

We implemented an AI speech recognition tool to be used during the volunteers phone conversations with the isolated individuals.  Using the recordings, we were able to transcribe the conversation so we could run the text through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to pick out keywords and categories.  

Initially the transcription was done through Amazon Web Services but due to the conversation structure and strong accents this method didn’t reap usable results.  In the second iteration, we used more expensive human transcription services that were delegated via an API (Application Programming Interface).

Once a written transcription had been produced, we asked IBM’s Watson to track the sentiment and context of the conversations so we could provide Box Clever Digital with an accurate summary of the target audience’s interests and their associated feelings.

icon-client-detail-3 Testimonial

“By working with B13 we were able to rapidly develop a proof-of-concept technology which we were then able to demonstrate to our client.  The development process was super smooth, and achieved everything we needed at the right cost, and in the right timescale.”

Dan Scobie, Director of Technology • Box Clever Digital

icon-client-detail-4 Business Impact

The information provided by our solution helped Box Clever Digital to successfully bid for half million pounds in additional funding to enable the agency to scale up their community efforts. 

We are currently working with Box Clever Digital on one of their phase 2 projects.


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