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The values that underpin our business are founded in beliefs and behaviours that are the same for colleagues and clients. We aim to measure and be judged on how well we live up to our values


We make software accessible, understandable and achievable for entrepreneurs, start ups and SMEs.

We automate and streamline processes so we can increase efficiency and speed of software product delivery.


We want to understand your business, help solve problems with shared accountability to create outstanding product solutions.

We value relationships to enhance understanding, improve team work and get the job done, on time and on budget.


We believe effective and transparent communication both internally and externally is fundamental to any business.

We encourage open communication internally and externally to ensure people are clear on what needs to be done to complete key tasks and client projects. If problems arise, then we encourage direct dialogue so that an action plan to resolve any issue can be agreed.


We believe in being open, honest and fair when dealing with customers and employees alike.

We act with integrity, value diversity and place employees' work life balance at a premium to create careers that fit around their lives while supporting our clients' needs.


We aim to be flexible and creative in our approach to deliver the best solution for clients, in the most appropriate way for the budget available.

We believe that adopting an agile approach to specification and development of digital solutions is a more productive and effective way to meet a client's requirements.

We aim to support clients to create a rapid proof of concept that can that can be scaled in line with the long-term, big picture goals.