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Extended Warranty

Technology changes, make sure your app or web solution maintains its performance 

Alleviate the risk of 3rd party technology changes adversely impacting your new solution by opting for our annual extended warranty.

By ensuring effective maintenance and additional support from B13 Technology, you’ll be secure in the knowledge we’ll take care of your new solution's security and effective operation across its lifetime.

We’ll ensure your solution is maintained to work when any browser or security updates are required and fix any bug that is reported within the extended warranty period at no extra cost, subject to the functionality outlined in the original Project Scope and Feature Specification document.

Services included in this package

- Security updates
- Browser and technical maintenance
- Bug fixes and fault resolution
- A full support service throughout the working week


- Saves time and money not having to find external contractors
- All minor to critical issues will be fixed at no additional cost
- Maintains a fully functioning solution

If you're interested in this package, please contact your Mission Manager for a quote.