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Accelerate your Digital Projects with On-Demand Staff Augmentation

Our cost-effective industry-leading development teams ensure rapid and quality progression of your digital projects, allowing you to focus on other core business objectives.

Flexible Rapid Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation

3 Ways Staff Augmentation Will Transform Your Business?

  • Reach your digital goals by having fast flexible access to high-quality, pre-vetted development talent to extend your own development team on a per project basis
  • Avoid recruitment fees, lengthy recruitment processes or the associated costs of running a team of expensive in-house UK software developers. 
  • Being able to expand capacity and capabilities  to ensure you receive the highest quality services according to your business requirements while remaining in full control of people, processes and projects throughout.


  “B13 Technology has made a huge difference in helping my business, Ripjar, to scale. If integrity, honesty and ability to deliver are high on your agenda, then I can’t recommend B13 Technology enough.~ Jeremy Annis, CEO of Ripjar


Take a look at our case studies to see how staff augmentation was used to build the Consentify and Semantic Audio platforms.

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Mind the ‘Digital Skills’ Gap


The UK government has added programmers and software development professionals, at all levels on their ‘shortage occupation’ list to provide access to offshore skilled workers.


*‘More than two-thirds (69%) of UK business leaders believe their organisation is currently facing a digital skills gap, and the situation has been exacerbated by Brexit’ *www.thedrum.com


According to a CBI report, the UK alone loses £63 billion a year as companies can’t find specialists with the right digital expertise. Even 67% of UK business leaders anticipate a digital skills gap will hold them back from recovery and growth in the current economic climate. 


Let’s face it. You’ve considered hiring your own technical team for your project, but the average employer spends about £3,000 when recruiting for a single position and the national average salary for a Senior Software Developer is over £55,000 per year in the UK. 


The hassle of expensive recruitment fees, delays due to the recruitment process and training on top of a long-term commitment can be a huge burden to a lot of companies, especially when you have limited time and budget.


If you decide to take on this task in-house, you will need at least 6 months to spare and your company will need a minimum team of 9 people to create a successful mobile app, including a mobile developer, backend developer, DevOps specialists, designers, technical managers, project manager, and more...


If you’ve considered outsourcing your own software developers, then you’ll know that finding consistent, reliable and verified experts that work within your timezone can be challenging or nearly impossible.


With time closing in, all these options can appear unfeasible, unrealistic and impossible.


At B13 Technology, we aim to change these traditional models as we help UK businesses scale on demand. Our streamlined process ensures that you can communicate your needs effectively and efficiently so we can deliver cost-effective and successful results.


We’ve helped a creative communications agency scale up a team from 10 developers to 45 people in just 8 weeks by using our fast, flexible staff augmentation model.


We provide support throughout your entire project lifecycle. Our expert UK digital consulting team helps your company define your ideas and requirements to create the best possible solution and hassle-free experience.


Our UK-based Mission Managers work closely with our skilled, offshore team throughout the whole product development journey from scoping, design, agile sprints to delivery and finally, UAT.  


We put you first. To ensure a speedy turnaround and enable optimum productivity, we guarantee communications during UK business hours, reliable management and highly-technical expertise so that the process seamlessly integrates into your schedule and objectives. 


 By working with B13, we were able to rapidly develop a proof-of-concept technology which we were then able to demonstrate to our client. The development process was super smooth, and achieved everything we needed at the right cost, and in the right timescale.” - Dan Scobie, Director of Technology at Box Clever Digital


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Our specialist digital experts in Vietnam are pre-vetted, highly-experienced and reliable. Your new team is rigorously tested to ensure they have the expertise needed to complete your projects to the highest quality.


Staff Augmentation is for you if your business needs:

Flexibility and on-demand specialised skills and expertise quickly

Increase efficiency while removing costs of long-term hiring and recruitment 

Guaranteed high-quality output on a quick timescale

Expansion of your team without the long-term commitment 

Save time and get ahead of the competition by releasing your offering faster


B13 Technology has the solution. Contact us today to achieve cutting-edge results that place you as an industry leader.


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Prefer more information, then download our staff augmentation overview.


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