Mobile App Development Services

Making mobile apps accessible and affordable for start-ups and SMEs is at the heart of what we do. Our approach supports you to define and prioritise key features with clarity about costs, timescales and delivery.


Mobile App Development 

We understand that creating a mobile app can be daunting, not just as a complex project but also in terms of the time and money involved. 

B13 Technology will guide you through this process to minimise your risk and develop a custom app that meets your desired outcome and expectations. 

Venture Mapping

Our bespoke process helps refine and finalise your product requirements, creating detailed functional specification and feature by feature cost breakdowns. This enables a clear roadmap with structured development phases to help prioritise and minimise risk and deliver affordable solutions to an agreed budget.


Diagram of Venture Mapping Process


If you would like to discuss how B13 Technology can help your organisation build an affordable app, please book an appointment with our CEO, Jon Swinbourne.

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How much does an app cost?



Consentify App

Consentify app

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Common mistakes to avoid in app development