Innovation Workshops

Digital Transformation Workshop
When it comes to innovation and digital transformation, companies need to deliver results much more quickly than they did just a few years ago in order to keep pace with the range of pressures they face from competition as well as customer expectations.
B13 Technology are a Birmingham based innovation consultancy. We specialise in innovation and are 'Lean Start Up' experts helping our corporate clients to innovate and create in an agile and iterative way.

Our innovation workshop programme will help you:

  • Drive efficiency and industry disruption from within your business
  • Take real action towards innovation and digital transformation
  • Engage and motivate employees by enabling them to cultivate their own innovative ideas
  • Innovate and disrupt with new products and services to de-stagnate your company and industry
  • Unearth talent and ideas within your business
Our Corporate Innovation Workshop will bring disruptive ideas and breakthrough technology to your business.  


  • Engage leaders to define goals and drive innovation strategy from the top
  • Employee ideas submission and review to find your innovation
  • Innovation workshops to inspire and clarify ideas
  • Dragons Den style pitch to a panel of industry experts
  • Project roadmap to define and plan the best ideas.

£4,995 + VAT for initial consultancy; 2 half day workshops (groups or individuals); Shortlisting session for demos; “Dragons Den” Day; Product Road Map for 2 winning ideas.

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