Legacy Code

My code is broken!

Legacy Code


It’s not unusual.  In fact, even the most experienced and skilled techies come across errors and problems all the time. It is 100% guaranteed that, in this industry, you will find bugs and errors when engineering intricate systems. However, sticking plasters over errors and crossing fingers will, unfortunately, not get you to where you or your customers deserve to be.


We can assure you, very rarely does ‘legacy’ code need a full rewrite. In fact we are able to look at what you have, study your project and consult you on how we can help build a robust and stable system, suitable for your budget and to ensure that the impact on your business is kept as low as possible.  


Every great business is built on solid foundations. When it comes to software, the same rules apply.


Don't worry... you aren’t stuck with what you have. We are able to adopt a modular and tailored approach to add new features where needed to keep up with a growing business, customer requests or to help integrate to an internal platform.


We can’t promise miracles but what we can promise is a transparent, timely process. We will be with you every step of the way. We understand business, we are passionate about technology and we are always commercially aware.

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