Special Projects

Got a new digital idea for your business? We can help you get it off the ground quickly, without affecting your core day-to-day development work.

We’ll set up a scrum team dedicated to bringing your concept to life. Able to scale up in just two weeks and with between one and eight developers per team, you’ll benefit from cutting edge talent and total flexibility. Effectively working like a lean start-up within your existing business, we’ll report directly to your IT director – providing complete accountability, and bypassing layers of corporate communication that can slow the process down.

Our highly talented developers take a Fail Fast approach. Testing the concept to find potential weaknesses as quickly as possible to save you time, money and resources. There’s no minimum term and, once we’ve established proof of concept, we can scale down in two weeks to hand the project over or allow time for feedback.

With a global team of trusted talent, we’re also highly affordable. Giving you 2.5 days of managed software development for the same price as one day’s work from a typical UK contractor.

To put your new ideas into action fast, talk to us about our agile approach.

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