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Source a ‘bolt-on’ DevOps team to build your digital project

B13 Technology



DevOps is a popular operating model required by many organisations and yet there is a skills shortage in the UK. ​​A DevOps engineer is required to have a broad knowledge and expertise in programming and automation, amongst other skills.  

Why is it in demand?

The DevOps process provides many benefits to organisations including:

  • Faster deployment of products
  • Increased productivity within organisations by breaking down silos
  • Significant improvement of product quality
  • Enhanced performance of software
  • Reduced production costs
  • Facilitates faster problem solving due to the existence of feedback loops
  • Improves reliability of code infrastructure
  • Helps the business adapt faster to tech updates and changes

UK DevOps Digital Skills Gap

With the variety of skills required for DevOps, it has become challenging for British businesses to meet this recruitment need. B13 Technology offers a UK based consultancy service with an offshore software development centre based in Vietnam where we have access to a range of English speaking experienced DevOps professionals who can assist your organisation.

Companies are now having to think about more than just hiring their own people in a traditional office to get their software delivered – they need to look at both outsourcing, onshore and further afield. If you're a company and you're growing, you need fast access to talent. If you need fast access to talent, then you're going to need to outsource it." - CEO Nick Thompson, London-based software development firm, DCSL Guidesmiths.

B13 Technology’s offshore software development centre in Vietnam

With a fiercely independent and service oriented culture, Vietnam has become one of the world’s leading software outsourcing centres over the last decade.  The country is quickly gaining a reputation for providing high quality software development to international clients. With over 400,000 IT professionals and engineers it has a highly skilled workforce which is expected to grow with 95% of the country’s developers having a bachelor or higher degree in computer science, software engineering, or other engineering discipline.

Our software development centre is wholly owned and based in Ho Chi Minh City, a hub for 55% of Vietnam’s developers. Our tech talent's specialities include:

  • Database
  • Frontend 
  • Backend developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Mobile
  • AI and Machine Learning

Additional Capability and Capacity

If you’ve got a project that requires a professional DevOps team, we can help you define your requirements and source the technical specialists that you need for your project.  To find out more, please schedule a call with our CEO, Jon Swinbourne.

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