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Digital transformation and lockdown. Does opportunity beckon?

Jon Swinbourne



By acting early and being bold and decisive, companies can accelerate their digital transformation of products and services to reach the next normal sooner, post Covid-19.

To enable this no longer requires lengthy and expensive full-time dev headcount recruitment. Today, on-demand, high quality developers can be accessed to boost existing teams and unlock talent from around the globe.

Opening your firm up to new minds and ideas

Tap into a pool of qualified developers from somewhere else; an on-demand remote workforce can jump in for a single project immediately and once completed hand over to the business as usual teams. This can deliver a development solution fast while reducing your operating risk and not distracting existing resources.

Your resource directed to meet your needs

Look to access highly skilled development resources with the right skills mix to enable a ‘bespoke’ team to be created that best fits a company’s digital need -  in design, software engineering and solution delivery. 

Local UK digital expertise and mission management

No longer a need for distant offshore development resources that can be time consuming and difficult to manage. Correctly done, a remote working relationship can be just as clear as if it were in-house. So, this means staying connected: managers should regularly touch base and ensure clear communication. Ideally, there should be some local UK support to build strong customer relationships and partnerships and ensure the remote development team meets all key delivery milestones.

Distributed teams can quite literally unlock a new world for your company when you begin to tap into the range of talent available from around the globe. Working across cultures also means more ideas, different perspectives, and deeper connections.

Time tracking is crucial and project management should be kept well in hand. Software solutions for these will make this job much easier for you.

At B13 Technology we have built a UK led outsourcing capability to help provide supplementary and bespoke resources to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and navigate all aspects of the digital landscape.

To learn more about how we can assist, click on the link below to schedule a 30-minute zoom call with Jon Swinbourne, our CEO.

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