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Entrepreneurial mindset during lockdown

Jon Swinbourne



It's fair to say that Covid-19 has given the majority of entrepreneurs a little more time on their hands. With a busy schedule, working on multiple projects simultaneously and often sacrificing social events and engagements, more time is the thing all entrepreneurs crave and we should try to look at this as a gift... We should use it wisely! The world has changed so much, so quickly. Many business owners have had to furlough staff, shut up shop or make swift and drastic changes to the way that they operate. Now more so than ever we should nurture our entrepreneurial mindset. It may be critical to the future of your business and also present you with new opportunities in a world that has undoubtedly changed. An entrepreneurial idea is very rarely a disruptive idea, it is often refinement, evolution and adapting an existing practice. With the above in mind, here are my 5 top tips to harness your entrepreneurial mindset.

  1. Ideate. Give yourself time to reflect on your industry, your business and the role you carry out within it. A good place to start is to think about who within your business does repetitive tasks, this could be entering the same information on different systems, preparing quotes, searching for data, travelling because something has always been done ‘in person’.

  2. Killer ideas are rarely a lightning bolt moment, they are often re-visited many many times, evolve and change before they really take shape and they are shared. It is often by sharing that they are refined further and fully take shape.

  3. Start to think further and question. What impact would automating those tasks have on you and your business? What could you do with that time? Are other businesses doing the same?

  4. Get feedback. What better reason to keep in touch or make contact with someone than to ask for their help with an exciting idea.

  5. Spend time on a document that you can re-visit. This can be as simple as a mind map in your notebook, or a collection of user stories or creating some mockup screens in a tool like Balsamiq or Figma.

By following the above steps you will find that you no longer just have an idea or a collection of thoughts. You have the start of a plan! One of the reasons I love my role at B13 Technology is that I get to meet and help business owners, entrepreneurs, academics and intrapreneurs who either have an idea or a challenge that requires an innovative approach using technology. Early engagement is normally based purely on ideas, plans and functionality tech choices, architecture. Project road maps come later. I’m always happy to listen and feedback on ideas at an early stage and advise on potential blockers or cost implications and happy to sign a mutual NDA.  You are welcome to schedule a free 30-minute zoom call with by booking a convenient time in my calendar.


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