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Getting a digital idea to market fast without breaking the bank

Mark Doorbar



One of the biggest challenges for any start-up in the digital space is how to bring their concept to life to enable evaluation of its potential with target customers, as well as potential investors.

I am former CEO of health tech start-ups, now operating as an advisor, consultant, and NED to tech companies, including my role as Executive Chairman to B13 Technology.

When I was starting out in the health tech space over 10 years ago, it seemed that hiring business analysts, software engineers and testers at pretty high cost on a full time or contract basis was the only way to go, with neither route a guarantee of successful product development. With the rapid development of offshoring in places like India and China there are more opportunities to source low-cost development resource, but often with the risk of loss in control, misunderstanding around requirements and poor delivery. Even with an increasing use of individual offshore contractors in Europe, China, and India, where a business owner can have more direct control, there can still be risks over reliability, quality, and delivery of the expected software solutions.

Then a company like B13 Technology comes to life offering a disruptive approach to the world of digital, with a vision to commoditise software development and a new model to deliver it. Their approach provides ‘value added’ consultancy to help shape and define product specification through their UK team with the business owners. Then they provide transparent and fixed budgets for the development and delivery through their low cost, high quality offshore business based in Ho Min City, Vietnam. Thus, creating the best of both worlds by utilising local onshore software engineering expertise, combined with an integrated, fully owned, low-cost offshore delivery capability to ensure on time, on budget, robust digital solution delivery. I just wish they had been around 10 years ago!

If you’d like to learn more about B13 Technology, please email me, Mark Doorbar or our CEO, Jon Swinbourne


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