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If you search for the ‘meaning of MVP’, you will often receive a list of search results outlining a range of topics about the most valuable player in a sports team. Essentially this isn’t an accurate interpretation of a MVP, the Minimal Viable Product in the world of tech, but to some extent it is correct that this prototype could be one of your most valuable assets. 

A MVP is essentially the foundation of your new solution.  Initially the prototype is basic in functionality and style but gradually evolves with each iteration into a more sophisticated product. Even the best known tech products use this method, for example, consider how Facebook has evolved. In the beginning, even the current titan of the tech world was rudimentary.

Being able to test the core concepts of your mobile app or web platform is one of the main advantages of designing and developing a MVP. Here are just some of the other reasons why we recommend adopting this approach.

Advantages of investing in an MVP

  • Producing a simple version of your product allows you to test core functionality
  • It ensures a quick release of your ideas to assess market demand for your product
  • Helps you to determine whether the user experience (UX) meets your users needs and allows them to effectively complete the required tasks quickly and effectively
  • Allows you to test and tweak the user interface (UI) to optimise the user experience
  • Helps you gain valuable insights into how the digital solution will be used; identify pain points; examine what features your users like and don’t like. These insights are invaluable for informing future design and development decisions and sprints.
  • Allows development with minimal risks and investments 
  • Time and insights to develop growth and monetisation strategies
  • Grow a client base with early adopters
  • Facilitates an iterative approach which provides flexibility for future development
  • If the MVP fails, it leaves you time and budget to address its failure points.

B13 and the MVP

B13 Technology has a breadth experience designing and developing a range of MVPs for entrepreneurs and SMEs for commercial, charitable and internal use.  Here are some examples ...

Consentify - Clinical Trials App

A MVP for a mobile application used to test whether the medical trials process could become more efficient if patients were able to individually input their results online for researchers and doctors to access. The MVP was such a success that it was later sold to a large company specialising in medical trials.  To find out more, please read our case study.

Cyber Risk Scanner

Ethical hackers, Frontier Holdings use penetration testing to locate vulnerabilities in their clients systems.  Their services are often expensive so to make the service more accessible to a wider audience including SMEs, Frontier approached B13 Technology to create a MVP of some software that would automatically scan systems to find high severity vulnerabilities without human intervention. The beta platform is currently being trialled in the UK. 

Investing the time and resources into an MVP can help your business produce a digital solution that may become one of the most valuable assets on your team.  If you have an idea for a digital solution that you’d like to explore, please book an initial consultation with Jon.


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