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Is remote working a threat or an opportunity for businesses?

Tom Haworth



Well, no one saw this coming! Never in the wildest dreams of any right-minded business owner would they have dreamt that remote working would have been forced upon them in such an abrupt and unforgiving way. I’ve spent the last few months talking to business owners from a wide range of industries and I really feel for the large number of them who are scrabbling around trying to set up suitable working environments and tools to keep their business running. IT departments, in particular, have been stretched to the limit trying to keep the wheels turning.

At B13 Technology, our instincts back in 2013 were to set up the business to be remote working by default. All of our UK staff members have used our suite of remote working, automation and productivity tools to work from home, only coming into our office to collaborate in groups. Of course, the reason that we built the business in this way was not to minimise the effect of any looming global pandemic, rather, we built our business this way for a much more positive reason – attracting the best staff and retaining them.

As this global crisis passes, it seems inevitable that we will be returning to a new normal. One where a huge majority of the national workforce has now had a taste of remote working. Companies that try to return to an inflexible, bums on seats, 9-5 philosophy may well experience significant push back from employees and suffer retention problems in a candidate-driven market. Change has accelerated, and in order to keep up, businesses will need to commission and integrate new software to maximise the efficiency of remote workers. Time will tell, but I believe this is the dawn of a new digital workspace normality. If you would like to learn more about how we have incorporated remote working into our business or are looking for a tech solution that can make the transition easier for your business, feel free to email me. 

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