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Explore ideas for a digital solution with Venture Mapping

B13 Technology



Have you got a digital idea but you’re unsure about how to build it, how long it will take or even how much it might cost to develop it as a mobile app or a web platform? If so, we could be the perfect partner to navigate and advise you through the process. 

Taking the first steps …

It can be tricky, even daunting, to know where to start with a new solution, especially a digital one. Venture Mapping can help you explore your ideas at low cost, with minimum risk to assess product requirements before having to make that long-term investment in development. Digital solutions need to be well defined in a structured and prioritised way in order to deliver an appropriate technical roadmap that best meets your needs, business objectives and budgetary requirements.  This is where our bespoke ideation and functional specification process, Venture Mapping can assist. 

Five steps to a new solution

To help make our client’s vision become a reality, our value added consultancy helps to build and shape ideas into fully-costed product solutions through the following steps. 

  • Outline Requirements

    In the initial stages, we will work with you to understand your business opportunity and development objectives - what, why, where, when and who. We use a combination of structured questionnaires and direct conversation to build this understanding.

  • Whiteboard session

    This is a facilitated, interactive ideation session with the key stakeholders to help define the functional and non-functional requirements of your new solution as well as explore the ideas around the user journey, technologies and potential solutions. Your success criteria will also be explored in these sessions.

  • Documentation

    Following the ideation session, we will create a Functional Overview document, including key feature specifications of your solution and where appropriate will include a wireframe illustration of how it will work.  

  • Costing

    We are transparent about the investment our client’s will require to make. After the scoping sessions, we will work collaboratively with you to agree on a key feature by feature prioritisation list which helps to inform cost estimates. In these sessions, we will use the MoSCoW method to identify must have, should have, could have and won’t have features and functionality for your digital solution.

  • Finalised Scope

    At the end of the collaborative process, we provide a set of documents, a Functional and Technical Overview along with an agreed Work Breakdown which is fully-costed based on a fixed price or time and materials budget, depending on what is best for our clients needs.  

We are the ideal, supportive partner to help you scope your next digital project. Specialising in affordable mobile apps and web based platforms for start-up and scale up businesses, we will help you design, specify, cost and deliver the optimum solution for your organisation. Whether it’s to digitise your product or service, or transform processes, we have the software development experience and expertise to help you deliver real-world solutions.  

If you’d like to know more about the Venture Mapping process or discuss your initial ideas with us, please schedule a call with Jon Swinbourne or drop us a line.


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